Whether you are a beginner, discovering your voice or an experienced performer looking to develop technique and style, Maia Hendrickx Vocal Studios can offer you bespoke lessons to suit your needs and goals. I want you to be the best singer you can be. Please have a look around and get in touch!

NEW Workshops for 2020!

MHVS is excited to announce that we will be starting a range of workshops in the new year, in partnership with other leading practitioners in the creative arts. Check out WORKSHOPS for further details as we update them!

MHVS Showcase 2019

What a fab night! A great opportunity for students to show what they have been working on. Check out pictures and feedback here.

Roll on Showcase 2020!


MHVS is currently fully booked and not taking on any new clients. However, things are always subject to change, so if you would like to register your interest/join the waiting list, do get in touch and Maia will contact you as soon as space is available

Bespoke lessons to suit your needs.
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I was looking for one-to-one singing lessons for my 11-year-old daughter Kathryn, who is considering a career in musical theatre, as I wanted her to have a good singing technique and learn how to properly look after her voice. After trying out a few different teachers, we chose Maia as we found her lessons to be the perfect balance of fun but a solid learning experience and most importantly, Kathryn felt the most comfortable with her.  Kathryn’s singing voice has undoubtedly improved after just a few months of lessons. I really appreciate that Maia provides consistent feedback and I feel she has really understood how to get the best from Kathryn. I am very confident that Kathryn will learn a lot more from Maia moving forwards. If you are considering singing lessons for your child, then I wholeheartedly recommend trying a tester lesson with Maia

Liz & Kathryn

When the band I had been in for over 10 years split up, I wanted to carry on with some form of musical performance but, being no Eric Clapton on guitar, I realised that I really need to be able to sing to some extent. So I came to Maia to find out whether I had any potential singing ability and, if so, to build enough confidence to stand up in front of an audience.
I don’t think I’m naturally a very outgoing person and the idea of singing on my own in public scared me because it really feels like you’re putting yourself ‘out there’. I did feel nervous going to my first lesson but Maia very quickly put me at ease and I have found her very easy and fun to work with from the start. Because I had some ideas about the songs I was interested in, I have found Maia very open to tailoring lessons around these. I really value the positive encouragement and honest feedback I get from Maia – I have been surprised at how much there is to learn and think about even when singing a ‘simple’ rock song. Perhaps more importantly, I have been amazed by how much singing really lifts your mood and makes you feel better about life in general!
If you feel any inclination at all to try singing then I strongly recommend you book a taster session – you’ll have a lot of fun and you might just surprise yourself! 


I have always been a very nervous singer but as an actress I feel its an important skill to master. I came to Maia’s first lesson a bag of nerves but was welcomed by a lovely, witty person with a big smile on her face.  From here on my confidence has grown in abundance and it is thanks to the nature in which Maia teaches. We work towards goals, honing in on my specific strengths and weaknesses which has helped me discover my voice. Every lesson is a challenge and tailored to me and my requirements; very much orientated around what I hope to achieve and what I am after as a singing student. I would highly recommend Maia to all genders and ages, no matter what your voice, Maia’s your gal!


Maia is a fantastic teacher who has really helped to raise my confidence when singing in front of other people. Additionally, I have started to trust and believe in my vocal abilities which is due to Maia’s encouraging and welcoming nature. I would highly recommend Maia as a vocal coach to anyone and everyone as she is a joy to be around and her energy is infectious.


I started working with Maia earlier this year; I’d been thinking about having singing lessons for a while and Maia’s details popped up on my Facebook feed, so I decided to go along for an introductory session. Straight away, I felt confident Maia understood what I needed and how she could help me to improve and achieve my goals. Her explanations and strategies work so well for me, and after just a few sessions I felt I had a real breakthrough in terms of being much happier with how my voice sounded. Along with improvements in my tone and vocal range, I have also seen vast improvements in my confidence and how I feel about my voice. I so look forward to my weekly lessons; Maia is warm and welcoming, and pushes me both to challenge myself and enjoy myself. I would definitely recommend MHVS to vocalists; I have worked with a few singing teachers in the past, and my experience with MHVS has been by far the best, both in terms of the progress I’ve made and the fun I have during lessons!


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Maia Hendrickx Vocal Studios offer one-to-one lessons to all ages and abilities. Maia works with students to develop an authentic and individual sound, always focusing on your goals and expectations. You will find me to be open and supportive, but also highly skilled and knowledgeable. Enjoyment is paramount, so great technique is taught through repertoire chosen specifically for each student.

Our Clients

As well as private lessons, MHVS clients have included:

  • St. Gabriel’s School, Newbury
  • Flintlock Theatre School, Oxford
  • Authentic Performance Academy, Oxford
  • Stagecoach, Newbury
  • Slough Music Services

Child Safeguarding

This is obviously an important issue and you should feel confident that your child is working with someone who is qualified in all aspects of teaching and child protection. As such, MHVS only works with staff who are DBS checked and works hard to ensure that all relevant training is undertaken and kept up-to-date.